Instead of green juice, we made a green smoothies.

The difference is I used a blender instead of a juicer and the we didn’t throw the pulp away. The pulp contains the fiber so we wanted to get the most out of this drink.


Make sure the smoothie will be cold. The warmer it is the hard to drink.

I used water, spinach, kale, cilantro, lemon, ginger, pumpkin, celery, broccoli, green grapes, avocado.

Basically anything in my fridge or freezer that was green.

Next time I’ll add some kiwi and maybe some other better or some honey for little sweetness. Might add a banana too.

They recommend drinking green smoothie on an empty stomach in the morning and one glass evening time.

It’s a little hard to drink but knowing that it does wonders to your body helped me!

Sadly my kids did not want to drink it. Oh well maybe next time:)

Published by Veronika B.

Welcome to my life blog. Im Veronika, 28 years old wife and mom to two kids. Living one day at at time by the mercy and grace of God. Here I will be sharing bits about my life, my experiences, faith, family, and mom life. Hope you find something that helps and encourages you.

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