Save your marriage in 6 steps

1. PRAY. This step is the most important step. Get on your knees and talk to the Lord. Tell Him everything like you would your best friend. Tell Him what you would like to see in your marriage. Write down what you want to be changed. This way you can look back in a year […]

12 Free Summer Activities to do with Toddlers

1. Go to the park. Get your wiggles out. Get some sunshine. Some fresh air. Get some time out of the house and away from your backyard. 2. Go to the beach. Play in the sand. Look for seashells. 3. Pack a picnic. Sit in the shade. Talk to your kiddos. Enjoy some quiet time. […]

Instant pot braised potatoes with bacon and beans.

Simple 30 min meal. One pot meal. Peeling potatoes and then cutting then into half then into quarters. Turn your instant pot on sauté. Sauté bacon, then remove from pot when done. Add onion, garlic, carrots, saute. Add potatoes, beans with their juice, and bacon. Salt, pepper, 1 spoon of sour cream, 1 spoon chicken […]